It’s Alive!

But apart from that, I’ll be continuing to write – and hopefully publish – both fiction and poetry, when I find time. There’s very little new to relate in that area. I’m working on some longer pieces and while I do so I’m still fielding rejections left, right and centre (then left again – what, you thought it stopped??). A piece I wrote last year is inching towards the light of day (‘La Ronde’, to be published by the wonderful Eibonvale Press), and I don’t think it’s too optimistic to say it may crawl kicking and mewling from the rancid back alleys sometimes this year. There are two other projects I can’t reveal just at the moment – one is an acceptance from a magazine I’ve had a try at before, but which hasn’t been officially announced yet. It revolves around a recurring character, and the main issue previously was that – since I hadn’t offered an origin story – there wasn’t any way for the reader to gain familiarity with her (yes, her – don’t think I’m giving too much away there) before the story. My second attempt still isn’t an origin, but they liked this idea better than the one that was, so…

Finally, I received my first ever anthology invite. I am massively excited about this, not the least because the publisher is quite superb, very distinctive, and of very high quality. That’s not to say I’m going to be successful, but it does mean I have a shot at a book that doesn’t accept open submissions, and will be a huge boost since it’s a pro market. Closing date is early next year for 2020 publication, so watch this space.

So that gives me plenty to be doing over the autumn. I have two assignments to get done for the Masters, a ton of reading, my short story to write, some more blog updates and those longer stories I mentioned. We’ll see how things go from here.


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