I live (and write) with my wife and two cats on the outskirts of London, just where the stuffy utilitarianism of suburbia gives way to the fields and furrows of Kent. In my day job I commute across the Thames into the heart of the old Roman city, where, despite the best efforts of traffic and the soulless towers of glass and steel, the ghosts of its old tenants can still be felt in its narrow corridors and winding lanes. In my free time I write.

I have always been fascinated by the countryside, by its moods and movements, its folklore, myths and legends, and by the way successive generations have shaped and moulded the landscape, embedding their own tales and stories in its fabric. My academic background is in archaeology, and my inclination leans toward the deep past and how it continues to impact the present, both physically and psychologically.

I’ve written constantly since childhood – it didn’t always matter what I was writing, as long as it involved words used in interesting ways. I started with stories, then poetry, through non-fiction and then full circle back to fiction. I’ve had both fiction and poetry published by a variety of publishers – you can read extracts on this site, and sign up to a regular newsletter that will keep you updated on others forthcoming or in progress. I write in a variety of genres – supernatural and horror, folklore, fantasy and fairy tale – but always with a sense of dislocation, of something unacknowledged but not unfelt. You’ll also get a sense of what I enjoy from my blog and from the reviews published elsewhere on the site.

So feel free to sign up, follow on facebook or twitter, and together let’s see what can be unearthed from beneath the leaf mould of land and mind.